Yairi D45

G r o o t n a ' s M a r v e l o u s T i n d e r B o x

kindling for kindred minds 

Through the mica filter of memory, a band named Grootna
appears somewhere to the West of my youth,
and then vanishes like ozone

Grootna was an early-70s West Coast band produced by Marty Balin (of Jefferson Airplane fame).
Members were Kelly Bryan (bass), Allen "Slim" Chance (rhythm guitar),
Greg Dewey [aka Dewey DeGrease] (drums), Anna Rizzo (vocals),
Vic Smith (lead guitar), and Richard Sussman (keyboard).
Their self-titled album is now available on CD.

Note: this used to say that "Slim" was aka Austin DeLone, but I've been corrected on that score
by a friend of theirs: Austin "Audie" DeLone is a musician in his own right,
and a songwriter who co-wrote some of Grootna's material.
Martha also tells me that Grootna's first record was called "The Masked Marauders".
Yairi D45

Years ago, life was boring: work, eat, TV, sleep, repeat.

In desperation, I forced myself from my warm and comfy sofa, pushed out the door, and headed for a local coffeeshop which was rumored to have an open-mike night going. Next thing I knew, there was a guitar in my hands; I played a few tunes and had the first really good time in - well, too long.

Aromas coffeeshop is long gone from Kingwood, and so am I, and I'm still playing.

Around the same time, I was trying to find the sheet music to an old song - Hobo's Mandolin, by Michael Smith - and I learned he was scheduled to play at a Writers in the Round gig near home. I talked a friend into going along and bought some tickets. Michael came down with a cluster headache and couldn't play, but I got to hear some music by people I'd never even heard of: Slaid Cleaves , Don Conoscenti, and Eric Taylor.
I caught the music bug all over again - I thought disco had killed it forever.

Michael Smith and Eric Taylor have passed on, and Don Conscenti has decided performance isn't his top priority.
So far as I know, Slaid Cleaves is still playing.

Now, I've decided to promote the things I like: music, friends, chili, and memories. I hope you'll explore:

Ride on, Big Bill, and may the wind treat you right.
Gretchen, you are still here, everywhere.
Jeff, your spirit fills the canyon and your music echoes from the hills.

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